(Sascha ster x Piter 312)

1992 Stallion

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2013 season, LC only, LFG.  Mare care available.

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Bearend 347

Qualified for USDF Finals in 2006 and Res. Champion of Show and Champion Stallion.

Bearend's offspring are still qualifying for Finals, becoming Champions and making Ster!

Friesian Sire of the Year in 2009 & 2010, Res in 2011, USEF!

Bearend is one of those exceptional stallions and we fell in love with him.  For us, he embodies a true Friesian, what we all loved when we first saw them many years ago.  He has that high stepping, reaching movement, the prance in his step.  A solid body type with feathering that flings out when he moves.  The kind eyes that talk to us and the tipped ears that we find adorable.  He has passed on many of those characteristics to his offspring, as well as their abilities in the showring.  His offspring have been extremely successful in the ring in many disciplines, earning World and National titles.