1995 Friesian Ster Stallion, USEF Friesian HotY

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Lionheart is USEF Friesian Horse of the Year 2009!!!


Lion taking a pose with Jo

Check out Lion at Breyerfest at the Kentucky Horsepark on July 19-21.

Contact us for breeding to this incredible stallion for 2013.  Standing to a limited number of mares.

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Lionheart (Jinke S. ster/pref x Pyt 325) was the first foal born to BDF.  He was born on May 20, 1995.  Lion has that special quality that we look for in a Friesian.  He stands at 17.1h, with a thick hair and feathering, compliments of his dam.  He has competed in dressage, huntseat, western, saddleseat, USDF in-hand and medieval demonstrations as well as an ambassador at many expos.  He was one of the first few stallions that they gave the ster designation in the U.S.  Despite his reaching gaits, his favorite competition is western, where he can do a jog that is slower than the average walk.  He was the USEF Horse of the Year, 6th place in Western in 2006 and Res. Champion Open Western for the MHSA.  Lion has also been a champion USDF in hand horse and qualified for finals for 2 yrs now.  His favorite thing to do is to hang out at the expos and wait for people to come by and scratch him, but at over 17h, he often moves the portable stalls in order to strain for everyone to get a good spot to scratch!

Lion has been off to a great start in 2009 as we get back into showing.  He has been Champion Stallion, Overall Res. Halter and Champion Halter horse.  He has also been winning his western classes and showing in huntseat and some saddleseat even and of course showing in his full caparison with the heraldry of Richard the Lionheart.  He as been continuing in his showing all year, qualifying in the USDF breeders classes for Finals.  At IFSHA regionals he came away with many Champion and Res. Championships.  And than it was off to Nationals and Worlds in St. Louis.  In Halter he took two World titles, the judges were extremely impressed, especially as he bucked the roses off of him in the victory pass!!!  

He was 2nd place in 2011 and that is with only a couple of shows and Nationals, compared to CA which has 9 show!

Lion takes the coveted armor trophy at Grand Nationals 2010 and again in 2011!

He was the only horse I saw the judges get in the photo with

Even though we had showed less in 2012 he still continues to do well showing both regionally and nationally.