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Breyerfest, KY:  July (need to check dates), Kentucky Horse Park, Lionheart has been invited to perform, so he will be there showing off and possibly another one or two from BDF.

Waterloo Dressage, MI:  May 31-June 2, Grass Lake, Mi.  See Uther working at 2nd and 3rd lvl.

Baroque Horse Show, WI:  May 24-26, Elkhorn, WI.  Andalusian and Friesian Show.

Equine Affaire:  April 11-14.  Columbus, OH  We return to Ohio's 20th year with our 20th year!  The biggest horse expo, all you want horse-wise is here.



Keuring, OH:  FHANA/FPS judging.

Dressage Shows, MI:  Sept, not sure if its Waterloo or Copper Creek, will post.

Waterloo Dressage Show, MI:  Aug 25 -26 in Grass Lake, see Uther, Viking and Alchemy.

Baroque Horse Show, WI: July 27-29 in Elkhorn, WI.  Also an Andalusian and Friesian show.

Waterloo Dressage Show. MI: June 16-17 in Grass Lake.  Check out Uther and Viking!

Baroque Horse Show, WI: May 26-27 in Elkhorn WI.  This is an Andalusian and Friesian show.

Equine Affaire:  April 12-15, Columbus, OH.  See us again at the annual greatest event in Ohio.  Four days of horses, clinics, shows and shopping.  Its the best around!  We will be in the Gilligan Complex barn.



Equine Affaire:  April 7-10, Columbus, OH.  See us again at the biggest equestrian expo in the country!  Four days of more horses and shopping than you can handle!  Right now we have demos on Thur, Fri and two on Sat.  But come and see us in the Gilligan Building.

MSU Stallion Expo:  March, Lansing, MI.  1st event of the year and Lionheart will again be in attendance.  He is looking forward to seeing all of his fans again!


Novi Equestrian Expo:  Nov 12-14, Novi, MI.  Our last event of the year.  A smaller local expo to promote our farm at and to show off.  Lionheart will be strutting his stuff and letting his fans scratch and pet him.  Come out and see him and do some early xmas shopping for you and your horsey friends.

IFSHA Grand Nationals:  Oct 13-17, California.  Well, got so busy forgot to put these up!  But we are all back safe and sound from a ...rainy, cold, California!

USDF Dressage FInals:  Sept 18-19, WI, Silverwood.  USDF Breeder Series Finals, all of our Dressage troop qualified this year, Invictus, Aeon, Alchemy and Lionheart.  So we will see if they can put it to the test and bring home a championship!

IFSHA Regionals:  Aug 12-15, WI;  THe only Regionals we can attend as their are non in our region, so it is off to Wisconsin.  We will be showing Lionheart, Aeon, Alchemy and Lucia and possibly another one or two, in all disciplines, trying to qualify for Worlds!

Waterloo Dressage: Aug, 11, MI;  Our third dressage show this year and than on to Finals!

Equine Affaire:  April 8-11, Columbus, OH.  We will be showing off some of BDF's finest, with Lionheat, Horse of the Year, Sietscke, 1st model mare made outside of Holland and Specialty (armor) horse of the year.  Alchemy (she came in 2nd for Friesian horse of the year!) and Aeon, top 6 horse in several categories and Mithras (son of Sietscke).  Come see us there, its the best show in the US!

MHC Stallion Expo: March 12 - 14;  Come visit the 2009 USEF Friesian Horse of the Year, Lionheart at the 27th Annual Stallion expo in Lansing, MI!  We are also doing a performance in the night show on Sat nite with Lion and a few of our girls showing the versatility of the Friesian.


IFSHA Grand Nationals, Lake St. Louis, MO:  Oct 28 - Nov. 1;  I figured this deserved a separate listing and it is also our last show of the year! 

Various horse shows:  The main page lists the next show we are going to be at for this year.  We are doing some open shows, both with Friesian classes and open undersaddle classes, as well as USDF classes.  Some of the Friesian classes are IFSHA rated as well.  For the rest of the year we still have some in-hand, several open shows and the keuring as well as the IFSHA Grand Nationals!   

April 2-5, Equine Affaire, Columbus, OH:  Year number 11 for us performing at EA, so come on down at see our horses perform, talk to us and see what we have for sale.  Demo:  Sat 1p.m., Fhana (main rings) & Sat 7 p.m., Covered Paddock, BDF demo.


Equine Affaire, April 10-13th, Columbus, OH: Our horses will be there for our 10th year performing and showing off the Friesian breed for the public.  It is located at the Columbus fairgrounds.  We will be performing in several demos as usual, the times I have currently are:

Sat, 12th, 11:30; Buckeye Pavillion (this is a new arena)

Fhana Demo:  Sat 12th, 1:00.


August 25-26:  SCA Medieval and Equestrian Emprise held at BDF. Open to the public. 

This event will include equestrian, fighting, fencing, archery and other medieval activities.  Most events are on Sat.  Wear your favorite medieval costume!  All may come but one must be a SCA member and authorized to compete.  Check it all out here: Emprise

Equine Affaire, April, Columbus, OH



Sept 23:  FHANA/FPS Keuring for the Midwest Friesian club to be held in Fenton, MI.  Contact for more info if you are interested in attending with a horse to be judged or to watch.  2006 Keuring 

July 21-23: SCA Medieval Event at BDF.

April 6-9:  Equine Affaire in Columbus, Ohio.  See us there again, performing various demos!  More demos to be announced when times are scheduled.

            Fri:  3p.m. FHANA Demo

            Sat: 7p.m.  Black Dragon Demo