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 2015, our 22nd anniversary!! See us at Equine Affaire in Ohio in April

Uther makes Sport in 2014 competing 3rd lvl!

 9 World and National Titles in 2011 and lots of Reserves!

High Point Friesian, Lionheart and the crew at IFSHA show in WI, 2011


Lionheart is USEF Friesian Horse of the Year 2009!!

Alchemy with Res World Hunter Title and USEF Champ Hunter. 2011

IFSHA & USEF World, National and Regional titles for BDF!

USEF Leading Friesian Breeder 2009 & 2010 & 2011 -- Black Dragon Farms

USEF Leading Friesian Owner 2009 & 2010 & 2011

USEF Leading Friesian Sire 2009 & 2010-- Bearend 347

 USEF Friesian Grand Champion -- Lionheart


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Uther also has a page as well as Black Dragon Artworks and Bearend 347



Welcome to the webpages of Black Dragon Farms. 

We are a Friesian breeding farm in Fenton, Michigan. We breed a small number of high quality mares, that are both Dutch and American bred, to FPS approved stallions. All of our Friesians are FPS/FHANA registered.

We keep to the smaller numbers to maintain the high quality that we have come to be known for.  Champions in the keuring ring and in the regular showring.  The majority of our mares are ster or model, most of which have produced ster themselves. Two of them have obtained their preferent status.  Our model mare, Sietscke was the first mare born and bred outside of Holland to achieve model. Our younger mares are following right behind, one of them, Talisman, is a multiple first premie and grand champion and was invited back to Holland to compete, she has successfully completed the performance test in dressage.

The farm competes in many disciplines, dressage, driving, saddleseat, western and SCA events and jousting! In 2004 we started showing in the USDF Breeders Series with high praise from the U.S. dressage judges!  Our favorite thing to do is demos, which shows off the Friesian and its abilities. We have performed in several states, and enjoy it immensely. All of our broodmares have done some type of performance, they are not just broodmares!!

In 2009 we entered the show ring with a vengeance.  We never imagined the results like this, with Lionheart as Horse of the Year and many other of our horses obtaining horse of the year honors in specific performance categories.  With IFSHA Championships, FHANA Championships, USDF and Regional Championships...oh my! 

So enjoy your stay and have a look around. You may find we have a varying interest in lots of things, especially medieval history, which caused us to become involved with the Friesian horse to begin with. Check out our events page to see what is up next. And if you are looking for the special horse to capture your heart, you have come to the right place. Any questions, please feel free to drop me an email.  We are also open to visits, just contact us! 

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