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  2015  April:  Another year and its time for Equine Affaire!  Columbus, OH, April 9-12

2014  April:   Equine Affaire in Columbus, OH

2013   Sept 20 and 26:  See us at the MI and OH keurings

Sept 19-22:  Dressage Finals at Lamplight.  Alchemy and Uther will be going for the gold at the Championships this year, well, ok, just 1st place!

July 19-21:  See Lion and our other boy Uther at this year's Breyerfest!  Oh, and Viking too!  Held at the Kentucky Horse Park.  Friesians will be giving daily demos and Lion gets his own!  If you were ever a fan of Breyers when you were younger this is also the place to be (shh, we won't tell you that we still are).  But come see BDF at Breyerfest and check out the Horse Park.

Feb. 23:  20 yrs for BDF!!  Oh boy!  Never thought it would come to that but its been one heck of a ride.  See us at the Ohio Equine Affaire in April as both of us celebrate 20 yrs.   Look forward to seeing you all there.

2012  June 28: Send out a Roar for BDF as we hit our 19th anniversary, oh boy!  It is an amazing thing and we have loved every year, I know I do the blog, but I wanted to put this here as well, no matter what we are so proud and cannot wait for number 20!!

Jan 14Well, I figured it would be much easier to just have a blog to do this, so here it is, Dragon Roars.  So instead of writing our latest adventures or other news at BDF, just go there to check us out!  See you there.

Jan 11:  So begins the Year of the Dragon, the Black Dragon! BDF has started out by taking USEF Friesian Breeder and Owner of the Year for the 3rd year in a row and Res Champ Stallion, Bearend 347.  We also took USEF Friesian Hunter of the Year with Alchemy.  As well as many USEF and IFSHA year end placings, including IFSHA Western Horse of the Year Lionheart.  He also took Champion Other...well, whatever you call it, it basically encompasses a lot of different stuff and guess he took it, lol.  So we go back to making plans for the year and doing breeding and waiting for foals.  We are hoping for a wonderful year, take a look at what we have available and if you are looking for a Friesian or for a stallion for your mare, check it out here and contact me for more info!

2011  Dec 2:  As the year winds down we are done showing for another year.  It had its ups and downs as showing often does but we are pleased with all of our horses and our riders as they give us 110%.  With only a few shows here in the midwest we will be taking home World and National titles with USEF, IFSHA and FHANA, beating out horses in the east and west that have two to three times the amount of shows as us.  So our family did well.  At IFSHA Grand Nationals we took home 9 titles.  Lionheart maintained his armor title and picked up period costume as well.  He did so well this year but I think with the CA horses and 9 shows worth he will not take his HoTY title back, hmm...guess we need to move to another coast...bah...we love it here.  The horses were out nesting in the snow today with the warm sun on them.  So for now we turn our full attention to hopefully shrinking our herd size and getting Lion some breedings for next year.  So contact us and lets see what we can do!  But to all....Happy Holidays and a Grand New Year, the Year of the Dragon!!!

Oct 3:  Heading out to the IFSHA Grand Nationals in Lexington, VA this year.  Taking more horses than we should but we hope to have a lot of fun and kick some butt!  Lion has a good chance at nationals awards if his sister Alchemy doesn't beat him!  Ah, sibling rivalry.  The two youngsters Uther and Viking will be there too, our boys we regret we need to sell but both have been showing well in dressage and open ring classes.  Better finish packing the car and get on the road!  I am sure there will be facebook updates!

Sept 15:  It's been a long summer and not an easy one and I have definitely been slipping on getting things done, like the website!  But as the summer seems to be slipping away into fall, a rapid change that is for sure, we gear up for the last two..well, maybe three events of the year.  The keuring at the end of the month and then immediately followed by the IFSHA Grand Nationals in Virginia, for sure.  We keep our fingers crossed as Alchemy is leading the Friesian USEF rankings and we have three horses in the top five IFSHA ratings with Lionheart leading the way!  Oh boy, we shall see what happens as Lion and his sister fight it out, yet at the same time I think it would be kind of cool to have both of them take some top awards, keeping it in the family!  Better get back to work, still lots to do!

April:  Well, back from Equine Affaire and from 81 degrees to a lovely 41 and raining.  Not too much going on for awhile, I think our next show is in June!  But maybe something will come up.  Til than, farmwork, repairs, breeding and of course working the horses!

March:  Lion had fun at the MSU stallion expo with all of his fans!  He is getting so spoiled, if someone is not petting him him, what a ham!


Round-Up:  Well, so this one is a little late...and its actually Jan already!  Though we didn't take horse of the year again, we were in the running.  Lionheart was the USEF Jr. Exhibitor horse and at Nationals took the coveted Armor trophy to win the World title.  BDF took many National and Regional titles as well as USDF/FHANA titles.  And again, drum roll, BDF took USEF Friesian Sire of the Year and Breeder and Owner of the Year!!  That makes that two years in a row!

Sept 1:  Back from Friesian Regionals and we did great.  Came home with high point Friesian, Alchemy, and Lionheart was just 2pts behind her!!  We had fun and that counts just as much.  Now we have upcoming the Dressage Finals and we will see if we can bring home a title there!  Lionheart is currently 2nd in the Horse of the Year standings and we have not had any shows to go to.  At the end of the month are the keurings, we will be heading to the Ohio ones and than.....Worlds!  Only problem with going always it comes down to money.  We need to go and find sponsers, lol.  But we want Lion to defend his title so much and that is the only way to do it, argh!

July 29: Been a bit since I wrote but we have been quite busy as usual in the summer.  We have had another filly, Innuendo, born to Damascus.  Shows are few and in between, many are cancelled this year.  We did take Res. Champ Stallion with Lionheart, at Waterloo Dressage, as well as Champ Mare with Aeon and she was also Champ Mature Horse and Res. Grand Champion!  Wow, she is doing good this year!  Our next show is another Waterloo and than off to IFSHA Regionals in WI, woot!  We have qualified with three horses so far for USDF Finals, Lion, Aeon and Alchemy.  Lion is also learning a new skill, wearing the armour!!  See us on Facebook too!

May 27:  Early this morning we had a new addition to the family here as Talisman gave us a beautiful and really cute, lol, filly.  She is by the champion stallion Doaitsen 420, whom is in Holland.  She already loves attention and scratches and not afraid of to much.  I really look forward to seeing her as she grows.  Is she for sale?  Hmmm....

Mar 5:  Well the sun is finally shining here and we are looking forward to the start of our show/expo season next week at the MSU Stallion Expo.  I am working on doing last minute things for the show or should I say just trying to get things done for it.  For those that do not know or had not heard I just got out of the hospital last week.  I never in my life expected to be there.  I had finally opted to get my foot fixed and it was going well and I was headed to the appt. to get my stitches out.  Next thing I know I could not breath, had chest pain and ended up fainting on the floor.  Had my first ambulance ride too as I was unable to get up.  Boy, do those things need better shocks.  They checked me out and I was told I had PE, or basically a blood clot in each lung and I was shipped up to ICU.  They also found I had one in my leg and with that spent over a week in the hospital. food.  So now I have a bit of a recovery as I am often out of breath and have to spend times at the vampires, oops, getting my blood drawn to handle the blood thinners I am on.  I was told to get a new job too....rofl.  So while the horses are ready, all my plans for the booth well..... did not quite make it to being finished.  I hope everyone forgives me on that and just enjoys Lion as he hogs for attention at MSU.  I look forward to seeing you all there as I lounge in the booth and talk to people, but I know you are not coming to see me!!


Dec 15:  The snow is flying but will not be staying.  Michigan is having strange weather and not much of a winter.  I have been trying to settle back to life without shows, well till March anyway.  Yet we have having a big grin on our faces around here as Lionheart has been announced as IFSHA Friesian horse of the Year!  He was than passed on to the USEF to than compete in USEF Horse of the Year!!  Holy cow!!  For the USEF Friesian, the farm is up for Breeder of the Year, with Bearend 347 and Owner of the Year.  I am not sure what else, they finish doing the numbers, either in IFSHA, USEF or FHANA.  Technically I think Alchemy is Reserve Horse of the year, lol.  All I have to say is Thank you!  Thank you to everyone who helped this year, it is a group effort and the hard work paid off.  I have a lot to catch up on and than make plans for the new year.  I look back out the window and at least hope we have a White X-mas.  But Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all!!   

Nov 4:  We are back from the long ride from the IFSHA Worlds/Nationals in St. Louis.  We are all glad to be home and at the end of our show season.  We came home with some World and Nationals titles and Res. Titles.  The show had its ups and downs as all do but we put out our best and that is what we went there to do.  Now we settle into catching up on all of the paperwork and working on what we need to do...sell horses!  As to what is in our future that is what it boils down to and what will determine it...Selling horses.  For the moment though, I think I need to hug all of our horses and go take a well deserved nap!   

Sept 29:  It has been a long summer and it has been a great show season.  Alchemy became the Res. Grand Champ. Mare at the USDF Breeders Finals!  I am not sure a Friesian has been one of the champs before!!  We have also showed in various shows, classes and everything else.  We are now down to our last show for this year, which will be the IFSHA Grand Nationals in Lake St. Louis, MO on Halloween weekend.  We are so bringing things to decorate the stalls!  But on the other hand it has been a rough year financially as horses are not selling and we are trying to promote to help that.  We have never been to a "grand nationals" and really want to go, but these classes are $100 a piece, as well as all of the other costs....I am really not sure about going atm!  I made jokes to Jo about trying to get sponsors so we can actually do this but I am not sure where to go for this.  Anyone want to sponsor a horse or sponsor a class?  lol 

June 24:  Back from another show.  This was the Michigan Horse Show Association Medallion shows, it was actually 2 separate shows, one on Sat and another on Sun.  We did both Friesian classes and open classes competing against the rest of the breeds at the show.  We did halter, huntseat, western, saddleseat, lead-line and some walk-trot for some of our riders.  Talisman was the hit of the show in saddleseat when a catch rider was able to just make her rock (technical term!) and put that Champion mare movement out there under saddle.  I know I was floored.  She passed her IBOP, they invite her back to Holland to show but they won't make her confused.  Any other Friesian people reading this should take advantage of the MHSA and their Friesian classes.  They have had very poor showing from us, I think we are about it that compete in the saddle classes.  Come on guys, it took years for them to be willing to offer them, now lets come out and support them!!   -Pat

June 3:  I think I have finally recovered after this past weekends show.  Next time they say lets drive back from WI to home on late Sunday....rethink that!  We went again to the Baroque Horse show in WI where they were holding IFSHA classes with a few horses.  After a long weekend we did well, with Lionheart winning Champion Baroque stallion, Champ Friesian stallion and Champ Open stallion.  We also took Champion Costume-armor and costume Fantasy.  Of course we competed in other disciplines and Lionheart did his wonderful western jog!  We will be competing in other shows this year, both USDF in-hand and open classes, some with IFSHA standing.  But come by if you see us there and meet the horses!

May 18:  We had many people ask at EA about our medieval events we used to hold at the farm.  I am still trying to see if we can hold a small one this year but nothing as of yet.  Any SCA group interested, feel free to contact me.  We are in the works for a large event in 2010, as soon as their are updates will post them on the Events page.  Jo wants to do some showing this year as we have a rider or two willing.  So far some USDF shows and some open USEF shows that have some IFSHA classes as well.  For those that do not know, IFSHA is an open Friesian showing organization.  We showed in IFSHA in past years and some of our horses took year end awards.  More rated shows have appeared and some closer than driving 8 hrs!  Many shows around here are not offering the classes they used to but we are at least pleased that we can attend some other local shows.  Distance makes a huge difference.  With the farm finally drying up will be working on updating a lot of the sales photos.

Apr 10:  Well, Equine Affaire is finally over.  Now for a bit of a breather after all of the work from EA.  The weather down there varied, from a really nice 70 down to the 40's and than snow.  Sad to say numbers at the show were down, but does not surprise me, though the nite performance was sold out every night.  Am now turning my attention to the embroidery, this website and fencing, as well as working the horses.  Lots of fencing to fix as always, especially after that company ran off with the funds, so wish I could go after them.  I am working on new designs for embroidery of Friesians, to have some ones out there that really look like Friesians.  Of course I do regular embroidery as well, so contact me for your embroidery needs.  Am looking forward to the spring and hoping to do some planting as well...something other than weeds.  So let out a cheer for spring.

Feb 17:  I wish the weather would make up its mind.  Snow, melt, 60 degrees, mud, freeze, snow, melt, rain, 55.  Our demo time at Equine Affaire has been set for Sat. nite at 7 p.m. in the covered paddock, right before the Fantasia show.  I am also working on redesigning the website and bringing it more into code standards and bringing in more photos as well.  From time to time pages will be down shortly as I redo them.  It will not be quickly done as I adjust to the new software and with EA in only a little over a month, that is my main focus.  But bear with me through this change.  As always check out the saleslist.  My mare Gaillard recently sold and I really miss her and so do the other horses.  These horses are parts of our family.      

Jan 5:  Hail all and a Merry Twelfth Nite!  An old English holiday marking the end of the holiday season, on the nite of the 5th of Jan, so raise a glass of wassail!  Alright, so that was the very abridged version!  And a Happy New Year too!  Hard to believe another year has passed, boy, I am feeling older and not sure wiser, lol. 

Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!!  For some reason there are rumors going around that we are out of the business, well, as usual do not believe everything you hear.  All we want to do is bring our herd size down to give the horses the attention they deserve and so we can still tend to our family as you know from reading below.  We are known for our friendly, well-mannered horses and larger herds tend to loose that.  We are still breeding but with not selling many, why keep breeding large amounts?  Till things change we just attempted to breed our top mares but despite our usual great conception rate the stallion did not work for us and we are looking at new ones for this year.  We dropped the prices on our horses in hopes that they would move but now we hear people think something is wrong with them?  How odd is that, lol.  Horses that are champions or from champions.  Sters or out of ster, model and pref bloodlines!  There is nothing wrong with these exceptional horses, they are just priced to move, nothing more.

We will be at EA and doing a little bit of showing this year.  Gas prices and lack of farm help really cut that back last year.  We did realize that even though we loved what our horses did and we knew they could accomplish it, would you believe that despite all of the awards it made no difference in sales weather a horse was a champion in the ring or not?Our sales did not increase from the three years we did some really heavy showing, that blew our minds and the economy has not turned yet.  Well, I think I have babbled enough.  I have to plot more for this year.  We also hope to host a SCA event here as well later in the year.  Please contact me about our horses, our farm or Friesians and again, may your new year be bright and full of happiness!


Dec 3:  Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.  Another year is about to come to a close, seems to have gone by fast!  We just got hit with our first big snowfall and the horses love to play in it.   The youngsters are growing up fast and we have already started working on plans for Equine Affaire next year.  We look forward to the new year  but we are still trying to reduce our herd size, so check out our saleslist and contact us for more info and further questions!

Aug 22: Summer is coming to an end and we look forward to the upcoming cooler temps and hopefully some rain!  I have a word of warning to anyone local, and I normally do not get into complaining or things like that but I want to warn people about MFI or Metamora Fence.  Which ran off with the money we had set aside to redo some fencing.  No amount of anything has gotten us a return of our funds.  Alas that is money at this time we do not have extra of and we still need fencing.  So please, watch who you deal with!

We hope to really reduce our herd size before winter and in order to do that we reduced many of our prices on the saleslist.

June 12:  Well summer is now in full swing and MI just cannot decide weather to be cold, hot or flood.  With gas prices as they are we curtailed a lot of our showing plans, but will still be doing some and instead put our efforts into the never ending repairs on the farm.  Focusing as well on training, working horses and hopefully reducing our herd size!  So check out our saleslist!      

Feb:  It is BDF's 15th anniversary!  Wow, hard to believe it is 15 already.  We again will be at Equine Affaire in April, in Columbus, OH and probably our medieval event again as well as other plans.  We still hope to downsize our herd so talk to us!

I have been working on updating photos for the sales horses and from there will be updating them for our entire herd.  I am also looking at a redesign of the website.  Right now my focus is on Equine Affaire...well, shopping at EA!  No, seriously there is a lot for us to prepare.  We are also adding embroidery to our business.  We want to provide realistic Friesians, which are not out there, and medieval costumes, both for human and horse. 


Please forgive us at here at BDF.  For those that do not know, both Jo and myself had loses in our families at the beginning of the summer.  It has not been an easy year.  There is much to take care of with our families as I hope all will understand.  We decided to not show very much this year, taking care of what was needed.  We are still here, breeding and selling the high quality Friesians we have become known for.  We have decided to shrink our herd a little so please check out our saleslist and see what we have or might be available.  Talk to us for the possibility of extra deals if horses go before the end of 2007.

From your friends at BDF, Jo and Pat


BDF takes top FHANA USDF breeding awards, IFSHA awards and USEF HOY. 

Vale is Res. Champion Filly!  Uther is Champion Colt!

Talisman is Champion Mare!  Gaillard makes Ster!

BDF and Knightwing horses qualified for USDF 2006 & 2007 finals!

BDF horses finish in top 10 at USDF Finals

FPS finally announces Jinke as preferent, that is number 2 for BDF!

Black Dragon Farms, Registered Friesians, Fenton, MI