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Innuendo, 6/10/10,  Studbook, (Damascus Ster x Sypke 450)     Photos  New photos to post shortly

Our latest filly to BDF that is going to rival the movement and height of her dam, Duo is currently about 16.3.  She competed for keuring champ and was narrowly beaten by her pasture mate, another BDF filly.  It shows that the high quality has been passed on from her dam whom is a 1st premie mare, which includes being a keuring champion.   Her sire can really strut his stuff as well as pass it on to his offspring based on his results.  1st Premie at the  keuring!  Her sire was sold back to Holland, so unfortunately we will be unable to make this incredible cross again.  USEF Life Reg.    $15,000 

Wyndham, 2007, Studbook,  (Alchemy Ster x Anne 340)    Photos    Sold!

Wyndham was the first filly born in 2007 and was a bit early.  Everyone in the barn wanted to adopt her and take her home.  She wanted to follow you around and take all the love you were willing to give.  Wyn comes from some of the best lines.  Her dam Alchemy is a first premie ster and has so far cleaned up in the dressage ring  and is winner of multiple USDF in-hand championships, as well as FHANA awards.  Alchemy's dam is Jinke, our ster-preferent mare and she is half-sister to Sietscke model.   Her dam has been Champ and Res. Champ USDF/DHSB mare for 2009 and 2010, 4 showings, 3 champs, 1 reserve and now a Res. Grand Champ mare at USDF finals, two years in a row!  Get a part of these champion bloodlines!  The USDF comments on her dam as being a true dressage Friesian, her movement has definitely been passed on to Wyn.  She currently stands at 16h.  She long lines, has worn a harness and pulled items and is working under saddle.  Her dam took 2011 USEF Hunter of the Year.      $12,500

Zanzibar, 2007,  Studbook, (Koosje Ster x Feike 395)    Photos     Sold!

Zanzibar was our surprise of 2007.  Multiple checks told us Koosje was not in foal, but sometime earlier that year we pondered, something is not right with Koosje and the vet came out and goes...well, she is pregnant!  So here was Zan!  So far all of Koosje's female offspring have made ster and Uther is an exceptional colt, with stallion prospects.  She has potential to be an outstanding broodmare.  You can read more on Koosje under Uther, her colt for sale.  With this offspring Koosje already has the possibility of making preferent if these foals are anything like her previous, and this is only her 4th!  Zan is a very feminine looking mare with a refined head and a classical trot with the hair we all desire.  She stands about 16.2,  so far all of Koosje's offspring have been tall, elegant and exceptional.  She lunges and is working under saddle.  Her full brother Uther is a ster stallion.     $12,500

Vale, 5/10/06, Studbook, (Aeon Ster x Anne 340)       Photos New photos to post shortly

Vale is a sweet filly coming from exceptional bloodlines.  Her dam Aeon is out of our model mare Sietscke and Sietscke is out of Jinke, our ster/preferent mare.  She is a more classical type filly with the floating Friesian trot.  She already has show experience as she showed in hand with her dam on the USDF circuit.  Aeon qualified for Finals in her class and placed in the top 10 at Finals at a previous showing.  She was Res. Champion Filly at the keuring!     In 2009, she showed again in USDF in-hand classes with scores around 70% and a qualification for the USDF Finals.  FHANA/USDF/USEF & IFSHA Year end Awards as well as her dam Aeon!  Aeon was just Champion Mare at the USDF Breeder Finals for 2010!   She lunges and is working under saddle and the trainer is in love with her.  USEF Life Reg.   Now with the bette weather we are going to teach her about costumes and medieval games!!    $12,000


Damascus, 2001, 1st Premie Ster Mare, (Koosje Ster x Bearend 347)    Photos 

The judges have really liked her as she has the size and her big movement and size at 16.3h.  She has had multiple first premies and has been Champion Mare at the keurings.  She has already taken care of the requirement for model of having a foal and has proven to be a good broodmare.  She lunges, long-lines and is working under saddle.  She will make an excellent performance horse in either dressage or driving, she is an impressive mare that would look good in any type of performance you would choose.  Damascus enjoys attention and cuddling, is very sweet and has a thick mane and tail even with being outside.  First Premie filly Innuendo in 2010.  USEF Life Reg.    $20,000

 Freya, 4/14/01 Studbook Mare, (Sarinette Ster x Bearend 347)   Photos  Sold!
Freya is a studbook mare, with classical Friesian action, standing 15.2hh.  Sarinette, her dam, is ster and has shown successfully in driving, dressage, saddleseat, western and our quadrille, with a bit of showing at low level eventing and some high school work.  You may have seen her before on our business card as well as in multiple ads.  She has performed at Equine Affaire and the North American Horse Spectacular.  Freya is incredibly sweet, and has a baroque type, with plenty of mane and tail, she will make an excellent Friesian for all disciplines and a wonderful companion and broodmare.  She is broke to ride, working 3 gaits and has been very solid and willing under saddle so far.  I do not see anything she could not be trained to do.  2nd premie for 2002 and in the main studbooks for 2004.  Both Freya and Tristan (her 2006 colt) showed on the USDF in hand circuit and have Horse of the Year standings and FHANA awards!  Freya is working under saddle, doing some trails and lessons on the farm and has been out in the show ring.      $15,000 

Vesper, 1998 Studbook Mare, (Els Ster x Fetse 349)       Photos      Sold! 

Vesper is a classical type mare, standing about 15.2h and a very easy keeper.  She is broke to ride and has shown at our open barns and done a bit of medieval games.  She is a sweet mare that enjoys the one on one attention, happy to let you adore her.  She was imported in utereo with her dam, who is a multi-generation ster mare with older lines, whose sire was Hearke.  Vesper is an inexpensive mare that will make a nice companion, riding, driving or trail mare and she wants someone to be hers.  She is doing a bit of riding on the farm and we have done trail obstacles with her in the arena.  We also just started working on driving her and she currently long-lines (all over the property), full harness and is dragging items,  she seems to love driving.  She has also been doing a bit of saddleseat riding with a friend of ours and loves that as well.  Vesper is the kind of horse who will take to almost anything the owner is willing to do, she loves the attention and wants to please!  Have her hitched to the cart now and driving around and she takes to it as if she has always been doing it and doing a few lessons as well.        $8,000



Viking, 6/25/06 Studbook, (Damascus Ster x Anne 340)   Photos    Video     (from when he was starting under saddle)

Viking has solid bloodlines, his dam Damascus is a multi-1st premie ster mare and Keuring champion.  Viking is very sweet, enjoying attention and is very willing.  He was a third premie colt at the keuring.  He also is rather unique as he gets a somewhat curly coat in the winter and has kept that, not loosing it as a foal, his thick feathers are even curly.  He stands a bit over 16.1 but is a very solid baroque Friesian.  Viking lunged,long-lined and was wearing a full harness as a 2yr old and was enjoying playing with a lot of the things we had done with him, cones, tarps and carts.  Viking has become with further work a very "forward moving Friesian" and would make an excellent show gelding.   He is showing 1st lvl in 2013.  He has done ring classes and competed at IFSHA Worlds taking Res. World Champion Young Gelding.  For 2011 he was USEF Regional Champion in Friesian Dressage which includes various classes.  He also performed at 2012 and 2013 Equine Affaire in Ohio and Breyerfest in 2013.  He loves the attention.  USEF/USDF Life Reg.    $30,000


Uther, 2006 Ster Stallion, (Koosje Ster x Feike 395)     Photos  Uther now has his Sport Predicate title!!

Uther is Koosje's third foal and will be another champion.  Her first two foals have both made ster and Uther followed right along.  He was Champion colt at the keuring, the runners liked the potential in him.  Koosje, as well as being an exceptional broodmare is a 1st premie ster mare and has shown successfully in dressage and other disciplines.  Many stallions out there are carbon copies of each other lately, but Feike gave us a winner here.   Uther has shown in-hand in the USDF classes.  He took to working under saddle immediately and has been working nicely so far, with exceptional manners at home and at the showgrounds.  He also has the hair to die for that we all want on our Friesians!  One of our rider's young daughters was just visiting him and Viking and enjoyed riding him.  Showing Jr. Western as well!  He has showed 2nd lvl for 2012 and was reserve champ in open at show.  He performed at the 2012 and 13 Ohio Equine Affaire.  USEF/USDF Life Reg. FHANA/USDF/USEF & IFSHA Year end Awards.  National and World Champion 2011!!  Uther qualified for the USDF Finals in KY for 2nd lvl and made ster at the Ohio Keuring!  Top 5 in 2nd lvl USDF Friesian for 2012.  Standing a bit over 16.2h.  He is showing 2nd and 3rd.  Again qualified for finals in 2nd.  Competing 3rd lvl, training 4th.    Finished his Sport title in 2014.  Serious offers only.

2012 foal out of Lucia x Sape 381, inquiries welcome.  Colt will be for sale, filly, well, we shall see, trying to decide when I am keeping one for myself!  Lucia has multiple ster offspring that are excellent movers and performance horses.  Lucia has competed in various disciplines including halter, hunter, jumping, dressage and saddleseat as well as costume.  She was World Reserve Champion in 2011 in Hunter Hack as well as her halter class and successfully competes in many others both adult and junior.  She performs at Equine Affaire and various other shows.  She will do anything you ask of her as long as you throw in a bit of adoration.  She gave birth to a wonderful filly, Nemesis, currently I have decided to keep her.  She made 1st premie and Champ Filly too!  Young horse champion at 2.  She is probably going to be rebred to Sape for a 2016 foal, inquires welcome.

Xaos, 3/22/99 Studbook Mare, (Grieske VSR Ster x Erik 351)     Sold!!  Grats Cindy!
Xaos is a very classical type Friesian with nice size to match.  She is about 16.2.  She is broke to ride.  She is third premie studbook mare, who is sweet and loves attention.  We imported Grieske, who was in foal with Xaos at that time, long before Erik was imported to the US.  Grieske is a Lammert line mare, who was close to 17h herself, did parades and performed at the Hague as well as did sidesaddle.  If you are looking for a larger mare with the classical Friesian looks and big movement to match her size than Xaos is it.   $16,000  *As a note, Xaos has been showing successfully, winning USEF Year end awards!

 Gaillard, 6/28/02 Ster Mare, (Lucia x Bearend 347)  Owned by Knightwing Photo.    Sold!  Grats Tina!

Lucia has had one other filly, Ygrayne, who was first premie ster and Champion Mare in 2003.  Lucia has shown and performed in many disciplines, including multiple times at Equine Affaire in OH. Lucia is the daughter of Sarinette (ster) and Sander 269.  Gaillard is very sweet and quite curious, I expect her to follow in her dam and grand dam's footsteps.  2nd premie and Res. Champ Filly at 2002 keuring.  Another 2nd Premie for 2003 and 2004.  Showing in USDF In-hand classes in 2005.  1st place in 3yr old at Waterloo in Aug.  Her average scores are low 70's.  Third premie and studbook at 2005 keuring.  She is the Champion Friesian for FHANA in 3 yr old mares for the USDF IN -Hand Division.    She is very good at showing and knows what she needs to do and give the judges what they want, she has immense talent and agility.  And the question most asked, she has the mane and tail I wished her dam had!  She stands over 16.2h. 

Gaillard showed USDF walk/trot classes and qualified for the USDF finals in-hand in 2006, twice, as well as Champ Mare at her last Show.  I wished she could have gone to the USDF finals and compete but of course the keuring fell on the same day as finals, so I made the choice to take her to the keuring instead.  Gaillard made ster at the 2006 keuring!!  USDF In-Hand FHANA & IFSHA Mare Champion for 2006.   And since I have sold her she has had multiple first premies as she matured, passed the IBOp and just made crown in 2012!  $20,000
Jester, 5/30/2003,gelding, (Sarinette Ster x Bearend 347)    Sold!  Grats Melanie!
Looking to follow in his dams and siblings footsteps, all of Nette's offspring's have proven to be good performance horses and very well rounded Friesians.  Jester was given his namesake as he is quite the joker and likes to play.  2nd premie in 2003.  Also showed with solid scores in USDF in hand classes in 2005 and listed in the Horse of the Year standings.  Jester is the Res. Champ 2 yr old Gelding for FHANA in USDF in-hand.  He shows and trailers, as well as lunges, and long-lines.  Currently in the 2006 USDF Hoy standings.  Jester is a 3rd Premie Studbook Gelding.   USDF Res. Champ. in-Hand 3 yr old FHANA & Champ. IFSHA gelding for 2006!  He is currently standing about 16.3h.  Jester is green broke to ride currently in undersaddle training and doing really well, they are making jokes about him working cattle.   $15,000.

Lucius, 7/2003, gelding, (Lucia x Bearend 347)  Owned by Knightwing Photo,    Sold!  Grats Debbie!

Lucius is a sweetheart with an excellent temperament and is very people friendly. Classical gaits, full brother to Gaillard.  He received a 2nd premie at the 2003 keuring.  Showing in USDF in-hand breeding classes, taking a first in his class at the Stevensville Dressage show and at Waterloo, as well as 1st in the Friesian class.  Listed in Horse of the Year standings with USDF for 2005.  Lucius is the Champion 2 yr old gelding for FHANA in USDF In-Hand.  Lucius shows and travels well, lunges, long-lines, and the Water hose is his favorite thing.  Lucius qualified, along with his sister, for the USDF finals in-hand.  He was also reserve champion overall at his last show, beating out many champion warmbloods (they were not impressed...grin).   Lucius is a 3rd Premie Studbook Gelding.  Currently about 16.3-17hh.  Champion 3 yr old In-Hand FHANA Gelding for 2006!  Luc is green broke to ride and currently in undersaddle training and so far it is going great and is working three gaits.   He has done bridges and walking over tarps as well and loves to play soccer with the giant ball in the arena.  Luc has had some younger kids riding him, which he loves and is definitely always going to be the showman and has been branching out onto some trails as well.       $15,000 


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